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WOBS ~ Tamar ~ Focus on Compromise

Thursday and Friday Reflection 

On Wednesday evening I posted a link to the Many Strands page as a reading assignment in our study of Tamar, I am going to share that link with you here, right now.  Click on the link to read what is shared about “The Foolishness of Judah”, reflect on it or come back here to read what I have been focusing on after reading this post.

I found this link Wednesday night and read it, quickly.  You might or might not know that this morning I received an early morning wake-up call…not a welcome wake-up call, a wrong number wake-up call, one whole hour before I needed to be awake.  At first, I attempted to go back to sleep…It. Did. Not. Work.  I then decided that there was some reason that I needed to be awake and began my quiet time.

I went back to the link above and read it one more time…slowly.  My mind honed in on…”The Devastating Nature of Compromise”.  I found out later in the morning why this section of what I was reading was speaking to my heart…it had quite a bit to do with the one question I did not answer in Wednesday’s Reflection Questions…

5. How has God worked good out of the bad things that have happened to you or the bad things you have done?

There have been many times when I have compromised in my life, but never so bad as when I was an accomplish as a friend cheated on her husband.  I did not condone it and there were many times that I had conversations with both of the guilty parties…but, I knew about it…I did not tell her husband and I allowed myself to become comfortable with the situation.  I believed that I was in the clear…after all, it wasn’t me that was cheating.  However, other people were aware of the situation too, and when you associate with cheaters…sometimes, people will believe that you cheat too.   More importantly, God knew what was going on and I know that He did not approve with how I handled my involvement.

I was reminded of this time during a conversation that I was having today with someone and bang it hit me…one of my answers to question #5 was found in this situation and how I, like Judah, allowed compromise to reign in my life instead of God.

This was literally my wake-up call today…this was a situation in my life that I had never truly addressed with God…until today.  I thank Him and praise Him for bringing me full circle through this study of Tamar and I just have to share the prayer that is found at the end of Friday’s reading in our book with you.  I think it brings this post full circle.

Lord, You formed me in my mother’s womb.  You knew then what every single day of my life would be like. You saw the great things and the hard things, the joy and the sorrow. Right now I come before you with the situation (or the memory) with which I have not made peace.  As I look back at painful circumstances, help me to realize that You were present even in the midst of them.  And now, as I surrender them to You, help me to feel your healing presence in my life.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Tamar Friday Reading's Prayer


Here is a reminder from the link above of how we keep from falling into compromise in our life…printing this off for future reference.

  1. We need to cultivate a deep love for God. We do this by prayer, Bible Study, Worship. We do it by thinking often of God’s character, His greatness, His wisdom and power. We do it by remembering God’s rich faithfulness throughout our lives and what He did to set us free. We grow in love as we dare to think about the place that God is preparing for us by His grace.
  2. We must learn to think critically. I’m not saying we should be negative people. I’m suggesting that we combat gullibility by asking questions. We must look for hidden messages in the media. We must weigh the truthfulness of every claim. We must take every proposition and filter it through God’s Word. The world of advertising thinks of us as machines that can be programmed. We must resist!
  3. We must stay away from those things that can erode our foundation. I hate to say it, but we need to watch less television. We need to stay out of groups that do not promote the cause of Christ. We need to back off from close friendships with those who live contrary to God’s Word.
  4. We must be quick to repent and seek forgiveness when we have stumbled. We must stop the slide into greater sin as soon as possible.
  5. We need to help each other. Sometimes others can see us drifting long before we see it ourselves. We need to surround ourselves with those who will tell us the truth. And then we need to listen to them.







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