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Women of the Bible Study ~ Focus on Rebekah

We are at the end of the sample book and so I am going to go forward sharing, hopefully, in order the order the women are discussed in the book, the devotionals excerpts from the book through Bible Gateway.  First read the key scriptures in your bible and then come back here and click on the link for more on Rebekah’s story

Key Scriptures: Genesis 2425:19-34; 26:1-28:9

Here is the link to Rebekah’s devotional.

Monday’s Reflection


“When Rebekah was a young girl, God had invited her to play a vital role in the story of his people. He had gone to great lengths to pursue her. Like Sarah, she would become a matriarch of God’s people, and like Sarah, her heart would divide itself between faith and doubt, believing that God’s promise required her intervention. Finding it difficult to rest in the promise God had made, she resorted to trickery to achieve it.

The results, mirroring her own heart, were mixed. Though Jacob indeed became heir to the promise, he was driven from his home and the mother who loved him too well. In addition, he and his descendants would forever be at odds with Esau and his people, the Edomites. Two thousand years later, Herod the Great, who hailed from Idumea (the Greek and Roman name for Edom) would slaughter many innocent children in his attempt to destroy the infant Jesus.

Yet God was still at work, graciously using a woman whose response to him was far less than perfect, in order to accomplish his purposes.”

It never occurred to me until July 3, 2010 that a mother could love her children too well, that was the date that I read a devotional called From the Created to the Creator by Carol L. Baldwin, in my Women’s Devotional Bible.

“Which one of us hasn’t looked on a newborn baby with amazement and wondered at this exquisite delicacy of each limb, facial feature, fingernail or eyelash?  Especially if that baby is our own, there is always the temptation to think this child is the perfect example of human conception – in spite of the fact that he or she may have no hair, be bright red or be shaped like a little potato!

Even the psalmist agrees that every baby has been “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

From the first moment of awe when we gaze at our newborn children, and then during the hours, days and years that go into caring for them, it is tempting for us to allow these children to become the center of our lives – almost to become objects of our worship.

How can we keep ourselves from revolving our whole lives around these precious gifts from the Lord?

The answer is to look up from the intricacy and delicacy of these creations to see the one behind the magnificent way they have been knit together – their Creator!

Isn’t this part of Paul’s warning to us in Romans 1:25?  We must avoid the sin of the unbeliever, who sees God’s eternal power and divine nature in all of creation, but neither glorifies him nor gives thanks to him (Romans 1:20-21).  Unlike unbelievers, we Christians have been given by God new hearts and minds, enabling us to look at the product and praise the Master Craftsman.

It is our responsibility and joy to look at those babies and delight in their perfectly formed tiny hands and feet – and then worship the one who created those parts with infinite wisdom, care and direction.” 

I then wrote this in my prayer journal…

Wow!  I just read something in my devotional Bible that opened my eyes more than anything I have previously read.  I look at my children and “worship who they are” just like Carol Baldwin says.

I forget that both these adults, who used to be my babies, were made by God – the credit goes to God, not to me.  I really need to let go of them and let God finish what He started.  I need to turn them both over to God, He needs to be in control.

Thank You, God for these two beautiful children that you gifted to me.  I did not deserve them and I still don’t; only through Your grace was I allowed to borrow them.  I’m sorry that I forgot who they really belong to and I wish that I had realized this sooner.  I know it’s not too late – for them or for the other five gift we have received; Tim and the four grandkids.  I need Your help to make this right.  Help me to remember that you are the father and that we are only their caregivers here on this earth.  May we all be together, with You, in heaven.  In Jesus name, Amen.

I am hopeful that Rebekah also remembered, in the many years without her favorite son, that Jacob was only a gift from God…not the center of her universe.





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