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Moments with God
New Testament Bible Reading Plan
Day 59

Give discernment to me, your servant;
then I will understand your laws.
Lord, it is time for you to act,
for these evil people have violated your instructions.
Truly, I love your commands
more than gold, even the finest gold.
Each of your commandments is right.
That is why I hate every false way. Psalms 119:125-128

Oh, to have a heart like the psalmist, who begins with a statement about his personal understanding of his relationship to God. The psalmist considers himself as a slave, a manual laborer before God. He depends on God for everything. He is not demanding anything from God. He is in a place of serving God’s will. Since he is a child of God, he prays for better insight into God’s word so that he would be able to truly understand how he is to live.

He reads the words, but he asks for supernatural assistance to more fully grasp their meaning in his life.  He is also aware that others around him have not been mindful of what God has given to them. They do not obey the words that God has spoken. It is time for a response from God. No one should ignore God’s decrees and get away with it. The psalmist knows that God will one day render judgment against those breaking His law. However, he is not motivated by a fear of judgment.  It has a much deeper meaning than that for the psalmist.  He truly loves God’s law.

His passion for it and his commitment to it are superior to how he feels about wealth.  His words are not empty and they do not come back to him void.  He sets his mind and heart on God’s precepts each and every day, and vows to follow them.  He despises any actions that go against what God has proclaimed because of his passion and fervor for what God has spoken.  It overwhelms him!

What would make you more ready and willing to serve God’s purposes in all you do? Are there ways that your life might be different if you consciously thought of yourself as a servant of God?

Spend time meditating on the “rightness” of God’s revealed will in scripture. How might that affect your actions?

Almighty and everlasting God, you love all that you have made and forgive the sins of all who are penitent: Give us a deeper discernment into Your character, that we, perceiving Your love and righteousness, may find true joy in following Your will; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Reading Assignment – Acts 18:19 – 19:41

Bible Reading Plan Day 59 a

He refuted the Jews with powerful arguments in public debate. Using the Scriptures, he explained to them that Jesus was the Messiah. Acts 18:28

Study Questions for Acts 18:19-28

Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos (18-28)

Who did Paul bring with him when he finally left Corinth? Where did he leave them? (19)

What did Paul do? (19) What did he promise them? (20-21)

After spending time at his home church in Antioch what did Paul do? (22-23)

Who was Apollos? Where did he live? What was he doing? Who noticed him and where at? (26) What did they do? How did they affect Apollos’ ministry? What kind of couple does it seem Priscilla and Aquila were? See Rom. 16:3, 1 Cor. 16:19, 2 Tim. 4:19.

Paul said, “John’s baptism called for repentance from sin. But John himself told the people to believe in the one who would come later, meaning Jesus.” Acts 19:4

Study Questions for Acts 19

In the Lecture Hall of Tyrannus (1-10)

What were the characteristics of Paul’s ministry in Corinth? (18:1-17) Who succeeded Apostle Paul’s ministry in Corinth? (19:1; 18:24-26; 1 Cor. 1:12) How? (18:27-28)

What might have motivated Paul to take the road through the interior and arrive at Ephesus? (19:1; Rom. 15:20)

What kind of disciples did Apostle Paul meet in Ephesus? (2-3) How did he help them? (4-5) How did God help them? (6-7)

How did Apostle Paul initially try to build God’s church in Ephesus? (8) What was the result? (9a)

To what extent did apostle Paul change the methods of his preaching and the direction of his devotion? (9b) What was its importance and the overall effect? (10)

I Must Visit Rome Also (11-22)

How did God bless and strengthen Paul’s ministry? (11-12) What does the incident in verses 13-16 teach about the reality of Satan and the powerful work of God through Paul?

What does the ministry in the lecture hall of Tyrannus reveal the power and influence of the gospel and the subsequent resistance against the gospel in the city of Ephesus? (17-19; 23-41)

How does the author Luke describe the ministry in Ephesus? (20)

In the midst of great accomplishment and uproar what did Apostle Paul plan to do? (21-22) Why? (Rom. 15:23-29)

A Great Disturbance About The Way (23-41)

Who was getting rich in the name of religion? What was his concern about The Way? Why did people rush into the theater? How was the riot finally ended?

Through Paul’s ministry in Ephesus what can we learn abut the power of disciple-making ministry and the meaning of Jesus world mission command?


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