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December 2, 2012 – Week 11 Assignments – My Soul Needs to Exhale

Read Chapter 11 – My Soul Needs to Exhale

I was a walking, talking, breathing example of “unglued” last night. I can list all of the reasons why I was “out-of-pocket” too.

– I have been sick and have not been getting my 8 hours each night.

– Peter has been out-of-town for a week and will be gone for another 2 weeks.

– My house is a mess.

– I lost my cell phone. (Not a new occurrence, you would think I would be used to it by now).

I could go on, but I think you get my point. I took all of this out on my grandsons before church last night. The fact that I was in a store and could not find my phone…made me come unhinged. I was short-tempered with them and made my phone more important than them. I felt so petty and mean; once I found my phone in the car. That phone is not more important than those boys and I know this, and yet I allow that phone to become my lifeline to the other important people in my life and I feel lost without it. (I, tearfully, apologized and asked for their forgiveness…they were most gracious and granted it to me). I have a point I want to make about this, but I have to share something else with you first, as further proof of God’s work on the details of our lives.

I realized about 30 minutes ago that I needed to put together a post for this group. The very last thing I wanted to do today was write a post for this group. I am sorry…I have to be honest with you all. I had not picked up the book all week to refresh my memory about Chapter 11 and I was even considering punting today, but God is good and He reminded me of the events from last night and insisted that I pick up the book to see…that help for me was in this chapter. He reminded me that I did have a story to share that relates to this chapter and the biggest point He had for me is found in the sentence above. It’s a different perspective for me.

“That phone is not more important than those boys and I know this, and yet I allow that phone to become my lifeline to the other important people in my life and I feel lost without it.”

My phone is not my lifeline…God is my lifeline and when I tap into Him first, I won’t feel lost. I won’t become a walking, talking, breathing example of “unglued” and it is only through Him that I am able to find my true self. The one He created me to be.

And furthermore….If you have ever wondered that God really cares about the details in your life…I want to assure you that He does, and share another little story with you that proves this point.

As you all know we took off a week from this study over Thanksgiving. This was not a planned “off” week, I did not schedule this time off at the beginning of the study…I just felt a nudge to take that time off. And we did! Today on the Many Strands page we will be discussing the word “joy” in our 52 Week Word study and for me one of the sections of this chapter that is speaking to me the loudest has to do with “joy”…finding joy in all circumstances. As Lysa shared, “I don’t know about you, but when I’m coming unglued, I feel like I have lost my joy.” God had the details all planned ahead of time…and now we all get the added bonus of the “joy” study on Many Strands to walk hand in hand with what we are reading in chapter 11.

Word for the WeekJOY


Define and look up synonyms for our word of the week – write this in your “unglued” journal.  Look at your “mandate to change” and decide how the word, “JOY” OR ONE OF IT’S SYNONYMS, will help you meet your objectives.  Write this information down in your journal.  Date each day of your journal this week.  Make a word circle using our word for the week and include in the circle those things that will help you meet your objective and place outside of the circle those things that will hinder your objective.

Memory Verses for this week –  

1 Peter 1:8-9 Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

Look up the Memory Verses in several different translations of the Bible; decide which translation speaks to your heart and memorize that one.  Write this version in your journal and let the group know which one you picked.  Look at your “Mandate to Change” and see how this verse can apply to helping your meet your objectives.  Make changes to your Mandate, as needed, including this verse or verses.

Set aside 72 minutes every day this week to spend alone with God. Get out your “Unglued” journal and put the date at the top of the page.  Write out what you did during your time with God.  You do not have to commit to this 72 minutes all in one sitting…you can divide this time up throughout your day.  I do strongly urge you though, to spend at least 15 minutes at the start of your day with God. If you read a devotion write down which one you read, if you read your Bible…what chapters or verses did you read.  Make a note of what spoke to you during this time.  Make sure that you schedule in some quiet time, where you are just silent and listen for what God is saying to you.  Write down all the thoughts that come to you during this time of listening.

Examine WHAT HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE OVER THIS PAST WEEK for areas that caused you to become “unglued”.  You can do this by going back to your journal and re-reading your entries.

Record what you learned from each area in your journal.  Make note if this is a new “unglued” area in your life.

Surrender that unbalanced area to God and ask Him to show you how to abide in Him instead of relying upon yourself and your own strength.  Write out a prayer to God about those areas that you are surrendering to Him.

At the end of each day, reflect back on how your day went…be honest with yourself about those moments when you became “unglued.”  Did you realize right away that you were not allowing God to hold you all together or did it take a while?  What helped you in that moment?  Record this information in your journal and, if need be, write an amendment to your “mandate to change.”

Schedule a day or a portion of a day this week for a spiritual retreat with God. If at all possible spend at least two hours alone with God…away from everyone and everything that can cause distractions.

During this time alone ask God to reveal the answers to the three questions that Lysa shared as they relate to you and your walk with Him…

1. Where am I going my own way right now?

2. What one area of my life is more self-pleasing than God-pleasing?

3. What idle words need to be reined in from running rampant in my mind or spilling from my lips.

Write out a prayer for help in the areas that God reveals to you during your time alone with Him.

I am so glad that I did not punt this assignment away today…God has blessed me during this time of writing and reflection. I pray that He is moving in your life today too through the words that He has given me to share. I promise you all that this would not have been written if it were not for Him. I just have to thank Him for His faithfulness to each one of you and to me.

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