Posted by: heisourstrongtower | August 22, 2012

Mae Mae’s have Unglued Moments Too!

He existed before anything else and He holds all of creation together.  Colossians 1:17

I am very much in need of this new on-line study that we are going to be doing through Many Strands of One Accord.  I have been reading through the chapters in the book and I am seeing stories about “unglued” momma moments, “unglued” wife moments and just plain ole “unglued” moments.  I have yet to read one though about “unglued” Mae Mae moments and I have one at least once or twice a week…if not more!

What’s a Mae Mae, you ask??????

Me…I am a Mae Mae, it is what my grandchildren call me and it is also what the little ones I watch each day call me too.  I do believe that we grandma’s deserve our own moments…wait is that me justifying my “Mae Mae” moments, maybe.

One thing I realized today is that there is never a day that I am not a “Mae Mae.”  I am Mae Mae Monday – Friday as a care-giver to two little ones and then on the week-ends I have Joshua overnight so he can go to church with us.  That puts me in the category of four possible avenues to become “unglued”;  mom, wife, grandma and just plain ole me moments.   Are you feeling my pain yet?

Well, I have promised to be honest in all the stickiness that is my life and that is what I am about to do…hold on, it could get messy.

Early mornings for me are great!  I wake-up, I spend my quiet time with the Lord and then I get ready for my walk.  I meet my friend by 7 and we walk for an hour.  I get back home, take my shower, eat my breakfast and try to get some reading completed.  In between all that I am doing from the time I wake up and waiting for the two little ones to get dropped off at my house…I am also checking posts and commenting on social media.  Up to this point my heart is in align with God because no outside factors have entered to take me out of my peace.

It is only when the little 16 month old I watch shows up that my day can go from great to messy.  I have no control over what his night before or his early morning looks like.  I am not with him during these times and whether or not he had enough sleep during the night or was fed his breakfast or even had a nap prior to coming to my house…I have no control over any of those activities.  However, I do reap whatever has been sown into him while I was not around.

Which leads me to some Mae Mae “ungluedness.”  I know, I know it’s not a word.  So, sic the word police on me, lol!!

If I am not intentional and boss myself around…I can and have allowed a 16 month old to get the better of me.  Side note…it’s now the screeching 16 month old that gets you not the terrible twos.  He wants what he wants when he wants it and if he does not get it…he flaps his arms like a bird and high-pitched screams come out of his mouth, and yet…amazingly no tears come out of his eyes. Imagine that…16 month old unglued moments!

I could deal with all of this, IF, my husband was not working from home now and my son was not still recuperating from his surgery.  Neither one of them needs a fit-throwing 16 month old standing in the middle of the house or a 54-year-old unglued Mae Mae stepping in and joining him.  Honest, this could happen.  What a scene that would be!!!

So what do I do?  I do my best to remain intentional.  I first make him sit until he calms down…sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.  When it works, I allow him to get up and we will play.  When it doesn’t work…I start to play by myself…I dance, I sing, I march, I kick a ball, I throw a ball, I flap my arms and pretend to fly, I repeat Bible verses, I dance and sing some more, and I remind myself I am his example for his future reactions.  Usually acting crazy intentionally will divert him, and divert me from his fit, he will calm down and we can have fun together.

Just in case you missed it, I made a very important statement in the paragraph above…how I react to him is teaching him how to react in his future.  If I become unglued in the middle of his fit…he is learning that you counter negative behavior with more negative behavior.  This is not what I want him to learn…I also do not want him to think that fits are how you get what you want.

I also have to remind myself that I only have a small window frame of influence on his life.  He will be who his parents allow him to be and he is not yet old enough to be responsible for what they do or do now allow.  My responsibility begins when he walks through my door each day and ends when they pick him up in the afternoon.

As for my grandma “Mae Mae” unglued moments…that’s a post for another day.

I thought I would share the song I made up and have been singing every morning to remind me that I am not the 16 month old.

I’m not gonna fuss

I’m not gonna whine

I’m gonna trust the Lord my God

And He will see me through! 

It seems to work for both of us!!! Amen!  I am also reminding myself that…God is the glue that holds us all together!

If you would like to be a part of the on-line study group and work on your unglued moments…click on the link below to find out more about Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, “Unglued,” and Many Strands of One Accord’s next study.


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