Posted by: heisourstrongtower | February 25, 2012

I Have a Voice!

I have been thinking about accountability and all the many faces that God will use to make me take responsibility for my life and, its message.  It amazes me sometimes; I can admit it, the people God dispatches to bring home His point.   As I think back on the many different vessels of truth I have met in my life…how many did I shut-up or shut-out before the missive could be delivered?  How many did I look at and decide that they could not possibly have anything from Him for me?

Have you ever done that, have you ever placed yourself higher on the Christianity scale than another Christian and decided that they should be learning their truth from you, not the other way around?  Peter stated in Acts 10:34, “”I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism.”  I know that God will use believers and non-believers, He will use a child or an adult, He will use your best friends or your not-so best friends…He will use the right person at the right time and give them the right words to make us accountable for our life.

I began writing this devotion for my blog last night and was only able to complete the first two paragraphs.  They were easy to write and the words came flowing out of me and then nothing…silence.  I stopped, prayed and asked God for guidance…then closed it down for the night.  This morning when I opened my emails God revealed to me the direction for the rest of this blog. He revealed the significance of a lesson that He is teaching me about His purpose for my life.  I am grateful for His love and for this confirmation of His truth that is found in the Bible.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work”

(2 Timothy 3:16-17).


I read a devotion this morning from Michael Youseff and God knew that I needed to read this message as I have been besieged with doubts and I have allowed others to shut me up and shut me down.  Pastor Youseff wrote, “Knowing biblical Truth and living like it matters is imperative. When you come into the presence of God, open His Word and ask Him to show you His Truth. He is faithful.”

God is the only one that is faithful and His is the only truth that I should live by.  I have the Bible as my instruction manual and the Spirit inside of me to use as my GPS for all things; right or wrong.  It is imperative that we voice His truth; it is never going to be the popular road to travel.  People will persecute you, question your motives, and call you names.  I am living it right now and I have been letting it get me down…but, no more!  God did not make me to be a coward or to tuck my tail and run.

I have a purpose and I have a voice; both have been given to me by Him.  I am not called to be a raging bull in a china shop but, I am called to share His love and His truth into the lives of the people around me; showing no favoritism.  Truth is never easy to hear and it is not always easy to share. Truth can make us uncomfortable, truth can be messy and it can even make us want to runaway.  The truths that make us the most uncomfortable are usually the ones that we need to listen to the most.

Michael Youseff did not end his devotion with these words but, I think I will end mine with them.  They are the catalyst for my mandate from God today and I hope that each of you will read them and find your own mandate.

“Our call as followers of Christ is to love our enemies. Scripture tells us that people will be offended when we live and preach the Gospel. Jesus hung on the cross for preaching the Gospel, and we can expect no greater favor than He received. He warned us that the Gospel would divide families and nations, so we must never give in to the temptation to be silent or soft about the Truth.”


You alone, truly know my heart and You know the truth of my motives.  You know these things because both come from You.  I come from You and my life is not my own, it is Yours.  Take it Lord, use me as I have never been used before…I want to be a vessel of Your love, Your truth and Your light for others.  I will not allow others to silence me and I will not ignore the truth that so many people need.  I want to be real for You!

In Jesus Name, Amen




  1. Patti, This message was just what I needed to hear. I am so thankful you speak God’s truth. Your blog has blessed me, instructed me, rebuked me, and encouraged me. Keep speaking God’s truths.

    I have spoken truth recently that was not well received. However, your message spoke to me about other situations where truth was shown to me through other people. People who I thought were “lesser Christians” and people who treated me as a “lesser Christian” Yes, I am guilty of putting other Christians on a continuum. On some level I knew I did it, but never admitted it to myself. Over the past few months, God has been using others to show me this. Others have been showing me where they place me on their scale. Being on the receiving end of your own poor behavior is an excellent teacher!

    We must allow ourselves to be open to Christ using anyone and everyone one to speak to us always test their words against God’s Holy Word. We must remember God has even used a donkey to speak His truth, Sometimes a student will say something to me that most adults would have just dismissed. I have asked Jesus if any of what the child said is true. I have gone back to that student and told them. That some or all of what they spoke was true. I am glad they called me on it. My words or attitude or behavior was wrong and I am sorry. I need to change it. As a teacher, I think the lessons of character, examining yourself, admitting your mistakes, and apologizing, are more valuable life lessons than any academic lesson I could ever teach.

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