Posted by: heisourstrongtower | December 23, 2011

Another Bathroom Blessing!!

“I don’t think the way you think. The way you work isn’t the way I work.  God’s Decree, “For as the sky soars high above earth, so the way I work surpasses the way you work, and the way I think is beyond the way you think.  Just as rain and snow descend from the skies and don’t go back until they’ve watered the earth, doing their work of making things grow and blossom, 

producing seed for farmers and food for the hungry, So will the words that come out of my mouth they will not come back empty-handed.  They’ll do the work I sent them to do, they’ll complete the assignment I gave them.”  Isaiah 55:8-11 (The Message)

I am starting to believe that God is going to use me as the “Bathroom Minister”, I kid you not…another lesson learned today in the bathroom mirror.  I think I need to start covering that thing….but…on second thought; the lessons and the time with God are too valuable to cover up.

“So the words that come out of my mouth, they will not come back empty-handed.  They’ll do the work I sent them to do; they’ll complete the assignment I gave them.”  Wow, when I read those words the first thought that popped into my head…”God actually sent words to earth for me…He sent words to this earth to complete an assignment in my life!  Now, that’s a Christmas gift!!!!”

So, do you want to join me in my bathroom to find out God’s word assignment in my life today??  (That is just a rhetorical question, no real need to answer it!!!!)  The story actually begins in my local “Great Clips” salon yesterday afternoon, does that make it easier to begin the journey with me…yeah, I thought so!

Anyway, I decided to follow the advice I gave myself in the bathroom mirror last week, when my hairdryer broke, to get my haircut.  And, by the way a different hair problem was rearing its ugly head in my bathroom mirror…du…du…du….Dun, 2” of gray hair at the roots!!  We have to get the hair cut before we can use the hair dye, right!!!  So, I got my hair cut yesterday and I had decided that I would dye my hair this morning before Sylas (the 8 month I watch every day) was brought to the house by his mommy at 8:30.….make a note of these words, tuck them in your back pocket so you know where they are later on in this story, “I had decided.”

As I was saying before I interrupted myself, I got my hair cut, all of them and was feeling pretty good that I would be able to dye my hair this morning and I would be all ready for our first Christmas celebration tonight at my daughter’s.  She just got remarried in May of this year and we will be celebrating with both sides of this new family…you know that I want to look my best and 2” of gray hair at the roots…sooooo not my best!  I was so busy making my plans and I had totally forgotten my new rule, NOT to make any plans that I have not handed over to Him first.  I know that it seems pretty silly to hand over when to dye my hair to God, but He is about the details, right?

So, my hair is cut, my plans are all made and into these well laid plans made by me, comes my husband home from work, (if you are confused we are back to events that happened last night that led to my lesson from God in the bathroom this morning).  Peter comes in through the garage and without greeting me, (don’t worry not unusual and my feelings are not hurt), gets our son’s dog and takes him outside.  I hear him talking and, at first, I think he is talking to Charlie but then, I hear a different voice and, unless God has performed another Christmas miracle by making Charlie talk, Peter has brought someone home with him.  New reason to panic, because although I had done some housecleaning yesterday morning, most of it had been undone by a visit from my four grandkids and Sara during the day.

So I, patiently, waited to see what surprise my husband had brought home from work for me.  He was not outside with Charlie for long and when he came back in the house I asked him, “Who were you talking to?”  He said, “My boss.”  Stunned moment for me right there, never in all of our married life had Peter brought his boss home from the office…that’s a 60”s sitcom sketch, that does not happen in 2011!!  I looked at him for a minute and I incredulously ask him, “So, did you leave him standing on the driveway until you ask me if you can bring him inside?”  His boss works and lives in Kansas City so, I thought that maybe Peter decided to give him a home cooked meal at our house…I swear every 60’s sitcom is running through my head during this moment, as I waited for his explanation.  The bottom line was this, his boss has been staying at the complex that houses their office, multiple restaurants and two major hotel chains; no need to rent a car all week.  His boss had been talking to Peter about his plans for last night and that he was going to take a taxi to one of our local shopping malls because he had not done any Christmas shopping for his family yet.  My sweet husband had not brought his boss home for me to fix dinner, with no warning, Peter had decided to let his boss borrow his car and keep it over night to run his errands.  My heart was singing…what a nice man I married!!!

I did not think much more about the fact that Peter’s boss was using his car or any ramifications that I would suffer from this kind gesture my husband made to his boss.  We ate our dinner, wrapped some presents, discussed our plans for the weekend…he finally commented on my haircut and then it was time for bed.  I set my alarm for 7:00 and went to sleep.  I woke up this morning and started my preparations for the plans that I had made for my morning.  I got my towel, I got my t-shirt out that I wear specifically for dyeing my hair, found the hair dye that I purchased and walked down the hallway, passing my husband in the process, to the bathroom to rid my hair of the gray.

I flipped on the light and fan to the bathroom and left the door cracked…fumes you know, and was just opening the box, when….knock, knock, knock…on the bathroom door.  I opened the door and there stood my husband, big smile on his face and all dressed for work.  “I’m ready,” he says to me so sweetly, “When will you be ready?”  I stood there for a moment…the only thought in my head, “READY FOR WHAT??????”  Ladies, I know you know where my thoughts were leading…hahaha!!!  I looked at him and said skeptically, “When will I be ready for what????”  I think it was his turn for some confusion, “Um, you know my boss has my car and I need to go to work…when will you be ready to take me to work?”

I stood in my bathroom as my dreams of washing that gray right out of my hair were replaced with a dream of washing that man right out of my hair!!!!  I slowly counted to 10 and turned around to look at those 2” of gray hair that I did not want on my head.  I then heard that still voice say to me, “Patti, my plans are not your plans.  If you were the only person on this earth that I needed to care for and answer prayers for, then yes, my plans would be your plans as long as they were within my will for your life.  But, you are not the only sheep that I need to care for in this world.  Last night your husband became my hands and feet, Peter made it more convenient for his boss to go shopping for his family’s Christmas presents.  And now I am asking you to put aside that hair dye and graciously repay Peter’s kindness by driving him to work without complaint or even mentioning that you had different plans for your morning.”

Time to take out those words I asked you to tuck away earlier, “I had decided”, no decisions should be made without His input.  WOW!!!!  I heard Him loud and clear, I looked in the mirror at those gray hairs…and agreed to tuck my plans away in my back pocket and to say to my husband, “I would like to take a shower, if you have the time, and then I will be ready to take you to work.  Does that work for you?”  He smiled and said, “I would appreciate that.”….he is so funny!

I have decided that if I have an opportunity to dye my hair during Sylas’s nap time…great; if not that is okay too because God showed me a different way to look at why my plans may not work out in the ways that I had hoped.  I am not His only concern in this world.  He has to take care of the problems and plans for way more people than me and sometimes, my plans just have to wait!  God has asked me to add a sentence or two to this post.  He wants me to ask you, my dear readers, if there are some plans in your life that you are waiting for the Lord to provide a way, if so, you too can take heart.  He will get to you as soon as His timing has perfected you for those plans or maybe those plans aren’t His, they are yours.  Either way, He will not leave you or forsake you in the midst of your planning sooner or later He will reveal to you what His plans are for your life and He promises that His plan and His way is much better than any thing we can think up on our own!  Trust Him with those plans, He is the perfecter of them!


I come to you humbly and admit that there are many times that I think I am the only person on this earth.  I am so sorry that I do not stop and think about the job that you have to do on this earth.  Here I am worrying about my gray hair and You have Your eyes on sick babies, sick children, broken and hurting people that need You so much more than I need to dye my hair.  Thank you for showing me what a gift that I have in my husband and reminding me what a good heart you have placed inside of him.  I am so sorry that I put my eyes on the person in my mirror and took my eyes off of You and what Your life meant to all of us.  Thank You that you love me so much that You want to be included in every detail of my life, no matter how small.  Thank You for loving me enough to send words into my life as lessons of how I am supposed to live out my life for You and Your glory.   Thank You for coming to this earth as a baby, thank You for the greatest Christmas present that was ever given and that it did not cost me anything!  I love you, Lord!!!  In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. He does have a sense of humor, now doesn’t He? 🙂 I have found that as I carve out time for His will, MY plans have a way of working themselves out and He makes plenty of time for them, too!
    I can’t wait to see your new do!!! 🙂

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