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He did not Stop it!




Are you willing to take a journey with me?   Many of my family and friends, both Christian and non-Christian have been questioning God lately about situations in their lives; difficult problems, sad events, the “enough to make me lose my faith” or “wonder if their even is a God” type of things.  These struggles were making them wonder why God was allowing all of this messiness to enter their lives and He did not appear to being doing anything about it; “He wasn’t stopping it!”  Over and over I have been hearing, “He could have stopped it.  Why hasn’t He stopped it???”   As I listened to story after story I felt God calling me to go on a journey and take all of you with me.  He asked me to go back in time and remember how great His love is for each one of us; although He proves it over and over to us everyday…the biggest proof of His love happened over 2000 years ago…on a cross at a place called Golgotha.

God decided that I needed to immerse myself in this story and imagine that I was there with Jesus from the beginning of His trip to the cross right through to the last breath He took and committed himself into His Father’s arms.   We started off in the courts of Pontius Pilate; it was going to be up to him to decide the fate of my Lord.  I have to admit to a feeling of wanting this story to end a different way.  I found myself rooting for Pontius as the indecision shown from his eyes, “Please Judge Pilate, sir, I am begging you not to believe the lies from these people.”   But the story continued to play out exactly as God had decided and no, He did not stop it.

Although, Pontius Pilate did not find Jesus guilty he let his fear of men overrule what he knew in his heart, Jesus was not guilty of blasphemy and should not be put to death.  Pontius let the cries of the people make the decision for him, “Crucify Him!”  “Crucify Him!”   “Crucify Him!”   They chanted this continually and I just wanted to cover my ears with my hands, how I hated to hear the sound of their voices.

I looked at my Lord, with tears on my cheeks, and watched as they stripped Him of His clothes.  There stood my Savior totally exposed, nothing hidden before His accusers, His followers and His Father.  I could feel myself cringing inside because all I could think about was how embarrassed and ashamed I would feel in His place.  But as I looked in His eyes, I only saw the Light of His Love for us shining for all the world to see.   Why were His accusers and executioners so blind to who He was…why could they not see what I could see?    I felt my heart-break as the guards walked in and I saw the whips in their hands.  Each end of these whips had iron and bone chips tied to them and they were going to use this on the body of my Savior and, one more time…God did not stop it.

The guards beat Him and cursed Him and spit on Him; and then they placed a crown of thorns on His head.

Matthew 27:29
… and then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head. They put a staff in his right hand and knelt in front of him and mocked him. “Hail, king of the Jews!” they said. (NIV)

I can still hear their mocking voices and I felt hatred toward them for what they were doing.  But, then Jesus looked me in the eye and slightly shook His head.  Even in His weakened state He knew my thoughts and gently rebuked that anger in my heart.  I decided that instead of hating, I needed to pray.  I needed to pray for Jesus, I needed to pray for Pontius Pilate, I needed to pray for the Jewish Priests, I needed to pray for the guards, I needed to pray for the people whose voices were shouting for His crucifixion, I needed to pray for me and the other’s in that place who loved the Lord.  Throughout it all one thought was echoing through my mind…He did not stop it.

All too soon, the time came for us to start the walk to Golgotha, the excruciatingly slow journey to the place where I would have to watch the truth of what Jesus did for me.

Matthew 27:33
They came to a place called Golgotha (which means The Place of the Skull). (NIV)

I watched as one of the guards offered Jesus a drink, it was customarily given to people before they were crucified.  It was a combination of vinegar, gall and myrrh; they said it would make His dying less painful for Him.  Jesus refused the drink.  I wanted Him to drink it, not just because I did not want Him to suffer but because it would delay the inevitable.  But what I wanted was not to be and I watched as they placed Jesus on the cross and hammered stake-like nails into His ankles and His wrists.  I remember the sounds of His bones breaking as those nails penetrated His body and I can still feel the tears that ran down my face while I watched the pain being inflicted on my Christ.  And still, He did not stop it.

I watched while the guards positioned the cross, that My Lord was nailed to, in an upright position.  They placed Him between two convicted criminals.  I watched for six agonizing hours the death of the One who had promised us everlasting life.  I watched as Jesus forgave the people who put Him on the cross.  I watched and still He did not stop it.

“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.”
(Luke 23:34) 

I watched as one of the criminals next to Jesus, accepted Him as His Lord and Savior and received a promise of everlasting life from the Son of God.  I watched and still He did not stop it. 

“I assure you; today you will be with me in paradise.”  (Luke 23:43) 

I watched as Jesus sought to protect His mother by asking “the disciple He loved” to care for her after He was gone.  I watched and still He did not stop it.  I watched as Jesus told His mother, 

“Dear woman, here is your son.”
(John 19:26) 

I watched as Jesus cried out to His Father expressing all that was in His heart while He hung there on that cross.  I cried with Him, thinking that I knew just how He felt.  I had these same thoughts many times in my life.  I watched and still He did not stop it. 

“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”
(Mark 15:34) 

I watched as Jesus admitted to needing something to drink.  I watched as His body was emptying of all of its life blood.  I watched as the guards offered Him a drink and I cried at the cruelty of their choice of drink; sour wine.  I watched and still He did not stop it. 

“I am thirsty.”
(John 19:28) 

I watched as Jesus completed His mission here on this earth for all of mankind.  I watched as He struggled through His pain to speak the words that His Father had given Him to say.  I watched and still He did not stop it. 

“It is finished!”
(John 19:30) 

I watched as Jesus put all of His faith and trust into the Hands of His Father.  I watched as He took His last breaths.  I strained to hear what was going to be His last words before He died.  I watched and still He did not stop it. 

“Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!”
(Luke 23:46)

I watched His face until the very end and then I bowed my head and, prayed that this was really not the end but the beginning.  I watched all of this unfold and wondered, as the tears poured down my face, what God might be teaching me through this journey.

I have reached this conclusion, I believe that He wanted me to know that the worst possible act that was ever committed against another human being was so we could experience the greatest Love the world has ever known.  I believe that He wanted to remind me that while each of us experience hardships and heartbreak in our lives, we only experience our own.  We do not have to have the weight of the world’s hurts placed on our shoulders, all at one time, as His Son had to experience on the cross.  I believe He wants me to know that if He stops all the bad things that can happen in our lives, we might not be able to appreciate the good things He brings to us or even realize how very much we need Him.   I cannot fathom living in a world without His mercy and grace…so thankful that I do not have to worry about that, because He did not stop it!

Dear Father in Heaven, 

I am not afraid to admit that I am exhausted right now.  But it is a happy exhaustion; I followed the direction You took me and I thank you for the lessons that you wanted me to learn.  I thank you that Jesus took it all on Himself and paid the price for me.  My heart may be heavy for all that He had to suffer but I also know that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to Your purpose.  I am humbled and grateful for all that you do through me on this journey to meeting you face to face.  I will continue to walk by faith and not by sight and I truly look forward to the day that Your truth will be magnified throughout the universe for all to see and praise You!!  You are the way, the truth and the life and no one gets to the Father but, through Jesus!!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you God for not stopping it! 

In Jesus name I pray,




  1. oh I can sense the pain, I could not begin to imagine my loved one, my son to have to go through that. WOW the love that God showed us by giving me HIS SON. I have nothing to complain about or think is to hard!

    It breaks my heart that people can not see the LOVE that is and was given to us!

  2. Reblogged this on heisourstrongtower and commented:

    God gave me these words to share at the very beginning of my blogging journey. It is the story of redemption! It is the story of salvation! It is a reminder that God uses those “Why didn’t You Stop it?” moments for our greater good! Always and forever thankful and grateful to God that “He did not Stop it!”

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